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Estee Lauder

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testimonial - imageedit 3 2570194371 300x193 - Testimonials We have partnered with ESP for 2 years to deliver our Leadership programmes at Estee Lauder Companies. ESP are industry specialists who provide us with exceptional support by creating and delivering high impact training programmes. ESP have successfully delivered multiple leadership programmes for both our Retail and Corporate leaders. They are a pleasure to collaborate with and they always strive to exceed our expectations. ESP have provided exemplary support in structuring our development programmes that are funded specifically by the Apprenticeship levy.

Estee Lauder

Capital Cash

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testimonial - imageedit 1 8603148326 300x210 - Testimonials Over the years we have developed a great rapport with our apprenticeship and training providers ESP. We don’t just see it as a relationship, but a solid honest and truthful partnership. We believe that in order to have faith with companies wanting to provide training for us, there needs to be trust, and with ESP we have confidence in their ability to deliver or at least find a solution. ESP have helped us as a business recognise not only our basic training needs but have helped us identify some of our specialist training needs. We have recommended ESP throughout the industry we work in, because we believe they can deliver.

Terry McArdle
Head of Training and Development - Capital Cash


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testimonial - imageedit 13 9465441651 300x246 - Testimonials The traineeship cohort 2018, have been strongest cohort so far and of really high calibre. The business is really starting to embrace the traineeship programme. Hartley has done a fantastic job with the class room training.

Tina Viswambaran
Early Career Partnership Manager - Abellio


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testimonial - imageedit 3 3840380400 300x100 - Testimonials We’ve worked really closely with ESP in developing and delivering our flagship management and leadership programme to people managers at every level of our business. Working with ESP has been like having an extension to our team. They’ve really quickly got to terms with our business and culture and have, absolutely alongside us, developed and are delivering a programme that our people love.

Ruwan Fernando
Managing Director - Hearst

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Companies are concerned with available capacity and are often reluctant to embark on programmes that ultimately may not be given the best chance of succeeding because of time constraints. ESP understands this and works with senior management and other stakeholders to ensure the workforce is not stretched. Look at the testimonials above and see exactly what companies, teams, and individuals think of us. We only partner with the very best of educational establishments. Our aim is to provide high quality education and promote life long learning.


ESP will discuss with you the issues you want to resolve and agree a remit around which a proposal can be developed. This can be as broad or as discreet as needed. Programmes can be delivered from Level 2 Diploma’s (Traineeships and Apprenticeships) right up to Level 9 MBA. ESP works in partnership with Colleges around the country to facilitate a national delivery and accreditation of the most appropriate and cost effective programmes. Do you currently work with us? Would you like to share your feedback with working with us or some good news stories for others that visit this testimonial page? Contact us today